Is it useful to employ a vocational expert in a Texas divorce?

On behalf of Loughmiller Higgins, Attorneys at Law posted in Divorce on Friday, November 9, 2012.

When a divorce is filed, a number of issues involving each individual can come into play. These issues for Texas families can range from child custody to earning potential to many other factors which a judge may consider when issuing a final order. In many cases, a divorce requires the parties to be knowledgeable about their spouse’s financial status and future prosperity, an understanding that can be difficult to ascertain without professional help.

It has been found that many people who are going through a divorce are now looking to a vocational expert to help understand issues surrounding their and their soon-to-be ex spouse’s current and future income. A vocational expert can provide an opinion on the current job market and the skills that are in high demand. This analysis can also include a projection on what these skills are worth income wise.

Beyond the potential income, a vocational expert can also give an idea of the likelihood that an individual will land a job with the skill set they currently have. This determination can assist a judge in ordering the proper amount of child and spousal support. Vocational experts can also flush out some of the other side’s tactics, which may frame their finances in a way that is beneficial to them without giving the whole financial picture.

Understanding finances in a Texas divorce can be difficult. While divorce attorneys are essential to the process, they may not be qualified to handle all the issues that can crop up. Many individuals are looking for additional help to ensure they have a full understanding of what they may be entitled to in their final divorce order. This approach can ensure that the divorce is handled correctly and that all parties involved get their fair share when the divorce is finalized.

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