Texas couple with tumultuous past finalizes divorce

On behalf of Loughmiller Higgins, Attorneys at Law posted in Divorce on Friday, July 13, 2012.

While most couples don’t originally marry with the thought of divorce in mind, it’s no secret that not all marriages work in the long run. This may be especially true for one Texas couple, in which the husband is accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife. Fortunately, the couple has been able to set these initial difficulties aside, at least in so far as their divorce is concerned.

Considering the tumultuous incident, it may not come as a surprise that the couple landed in Texas divorce court. After considering evidence of the alleged arrangements with the hit man, along with other testimony, a jury determined the couple should divide their marital property evenly. And with the help of a judge, they did just that.

Dividing the property appears to have been a relatively painless process. The wife received the businesses the couple owned, as well as three vehicles and some jewelry. The husband received two retirement accounts, the house and some of its furnishings, four vehicles, and $850,000 in cash. While there were other details to even out the property division, both are reportedly content with the results of the divorce and probably even happier that the marriage is over.

After all the unique difficulties that the two faced, each is likely happy to be able to enjoy their newly single life. While the initial stages of divorce can be emotionally overwhelming in some instances, there are ultimately ways to make it work — and speaking to an experienced attorney can help move the process along smoothly.

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