Finances & Divorce

Finances & Divorce FAQs:

What are the best ways to save money during your divorce?

Many divorces these days are very document intensive, whether it be financial documents, tracing separate property assets from 30 years ago, or child-related issues. There are often boxes full of emails and text messages.

The client can put all those documents together so that they are organized when they get to their attorneys office, so you don’t have to spend time organizing them. Clients can save money by helping attorneys in organizing those documents.

They can also be responsive when their attorney asks for something. Whether they’re busy or in denial about the whole divorce process, some clients are not always responsive when asked to bring in certain documents. If they’re not responsive, they may be facing a motion to compel on a discovery request and spending time in court that isn’t necessary. If they’re responsive, that’s going to save them money.

If clients let their attorneys do their job, listen to their advice, and are reasonable in terms of expectations, that’s going to save everybody some money in the process.

What are some recommendations to help divorcing people avoid going to court?

Preparation helps cases settle. For instance, if a client claims that they have $100,000 separate property interest in a retirement account, their attorney can send a letter saying they’ve got the separate property interest, but without supporting documentation, it’s going to be harder to get that resolved.

If a client helps organize the documents necessary to prove the claims, then the other side realizes that you have a realistic position, you’re prepared to go to trial, and you have your evidence to back up your position. At some point, that case is going to settle. It may settle on the steps of the courthouse, but preparation helps get cases settled.