How to preserve visitation rights in a child’s divorce

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When a child is going through a divorce, it can be difficult for his or her parents to know how to respond. This is especially true in cases in which parents have established a positive relationship with their child’s spouse, or when the marriage is coming to an end based on poor choices on the part of the child. The manner in which Texas parents react to the news of a divorce can have significant impact on their future visitation rights to their grandchildren, making this an issue that deserves careful consideration.

When a child divorces, he or she is in need of support from friends and family. As a parent, one’s role is to offer love and support unconditionally, even when it is believed that one’s child may be at fault in the demise of the marriage. Just as with very young children, it is possible to love and support a child, even when a parent does not approve of the child’s behavior.

Many grandparents try to remain neutral during a child’s divorce. However, this approach may be viewed as a lack of support. Many people who are going through a divorce feel that neutrality signifies a lack of support, even though this idea is not logical. This is an area in which grandparents must tread very carefully, so that a rift does not form that could limit their access to their grandchildren in the months and years to come.

Despite the best intentions, there are cases in which parents and children in Texas become at odds over the details of a divorce. In such instances, grandparents can lose access to their grandchildren, a scenario that is not beneficial to anyone involved. When efforts to ameliorate the situation fail, the only course of action that remains is to involve a child custody attorney who can take action to have a family court grant visitation rights to the grandparents.

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