Special Needs Children in Divorce

Special Needs Children in Divorce

Caring for a special needs child can often result in a lot of stress, and this is only compounded during a divorce action. There are many additional factors and sensitive issues that must be confronted when crafting a divorce agreement that addresses how to properly account for the demands of a special needs child.

At Loughmiller Higgins, P.C., we take an informed approach when trying to secure a special needs child’s future that adequately addresses the challenges and specific concerns to this sensitive situation. Our goal is to arrive at an agreement that allows for smooth, successful co-parenting going forward. For compassionate and comprehensive support from experienced Texas family law attorneys, please contact us today at our office to discuss your goals with regard to special needs children in divorce.

Sensitive to Special Needs Children During a Divorce

When we are negotiating a divorce agreement where there is a special needs child, we are very careful to take into account all the unique factors that must be accounted for, such as:

  • Negotiating and reconciling different opinions about health care choices, treatment plans, dietary options, medication choices, education and interventions
  • Deviating from typical shared-custody schedules and ensuring that all of the activities, such as therapy, are not disrupted and that they maintain a standard routine for the purposes of stability and comfort
  • Working with parents who may not agree about how to address their child’s special needs on a day-to-day basis

We also give careful consideration when drafting a parenting plan that will be a part of a special needs children custody arrangement. This may include making decisions that address who will pay for treatments not covered by insurance, alternative treatments that may be utilized, as well as who will pay what costs for lifetime support beyond the age of 18 and high school graduation.

In fact, courts can deviate from standard Texas child support guidelines for special needs children where cost to support these children is significantly more than guidelines allow for. Our attorneys have experience pursuing and defending these types of claims. Since child support payments can also directly jeopardize the child’s entitlement to Medicare and other benefits, we can also help with the creation of a special needs trust for the child.

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