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In business, contracts stipulating each partner’s responsibilities and obligations in the event of dissolution are simply standard operating procedure. However, if you mention the phrases “premarital agreement” or “postmarital agreement” in regards to a marriage partnership — many people feel as though that is taking too cynical a view on marriage.

In a community property state like Texas, a premarital agreement can be a valuable tool to assist couples in maintaining civility in their marriage, especially in cases where one or both parties have significant assets prior to marriage or cases where one or both parties have been married previously to a former spouse.

A premarital agreement is about protecting both you and your spouse. A well-drafted, thorough prenuptial agreement can save each of you untold amounts of stress and thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees if the marriage should end in divorce or in the event of a death of a spouse. Contact our office to learn more.

At Loughmiller Higgins, we understand that people have reservations about whether prenuptial and postnuptial agreements make sense, or whether they are nothing more than admitting defeat before anything at all has been settled. We ask them to look at these agreements the same way that business partners who want to avoid the potential costs, delays, and uncertain outcomes associated with litigation look at theirs — as legal tools that can properly define rights and obligations thereby minimizing contested litigation and increased legal costs.

Texas law recognizes premarital agreements. Both parties should be represented by their own lawyer. Each party should provide a full disclosure of assets, and liabilities or affirmatively waive the right to disclosure A valid pre marital or post marital agreement can contractually eliminate the creation of community property by legally partitioning property to each spouse as it is acquired thereby eliminating disputes over division of assets in the event of a divorce.

In addition to issues relating to potential divorce, parties can include provisions for support of a spouse and confirmation of last wills and testaments of spouses in premarital or post marital agreements.

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