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Regardless of how a divorce is ultimately settled, children’s needs and parents circumstances often change over time. The legal standard for determining child related issues is simply “the best interest of the children.” The court determines best interests on a case by case basis. The best interests of children at the time of divorce may not necessarily remain best for the children years after the divorce. What happens if a parent remarries and the new spouse obtains a job out of state. Parents that divorce when their children are infants will likely face different issues when their children are teenagers.

In a modification case, the court will have to determine if a change in circumstance of either the parents or the children is significant enough to warrant a change of the parenting plan in the prior Order. Often times the attorney handling a modification action will not be the attorney representing a client in a modification action. Our firm can assist you with modifying your prior order whether you are a prior client, or a new client that utilized a different attorney for your original child custody lawsuit.

Our attorneys offer 49 years of experience with child custody and visitation issues, post divorce modification issues including relocation issues. To talk about your options and possible solutions — contact our law offices today.

At Loughmiller Higgins, we represent mothers and fathers in the North Dallas area and throughout the DFW Metroplex, and work with them to develop child visitation and parenting plans that benefit their children and that fit within their busy lives even as those lives change over time. Our experience has shown us that this is possible even when there are extraordinary obstacles to overcome, if the parents can put aside their differences and be reasonable with one another.

In general, family court judges welcome creativity and agreed parenting plans as opposed to forcing a parenting plan upon parents who are unwilling to practice cooperative parenting skills. We urge our clients to cooperate in creative ways with their spouse to make these important decisions together.

Modifying a Visitation Schedule

Life after divorce can bring many changes. Parents may move, switch jobs, remarry, or have any number of other things develop that require them to seek modifications to a child visitation schedule. In addition to changes affecting the parents, children reach developmental milestones that often require modification of an existing parenting plan. Often times, determining an appropriate child access schedule or modification of an existing possession schedule requires utilizing psychological experts.

Our attorneys have worked with a variety of psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed family therapists, and counselors to help facilitate age and developmentally appropriate parenting plans and possession/access schedules for parents and children. We provide assistance to clients seeking modification of prior orders whenever a substantial change in life circumstances occurs.

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