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From our perspective, helping families in distress transition from one household to two separate functional households takes patience, an ability to listen, and most of all — a willingness to be honest with clients from the very start.

We find that setting realistic expectations and providing clients with clear and honest information not only sets them at ease with us — it relieves much of the anxiety and emotional distress that can accompany divorce and helps them to feel more comfortable and safe throughout the process. We believe that it is also the first step toward achieving results the client will be satisfied with.

Lawyers who promise more than they can deliver to their clients unnecessarily escalate the litigation and the cost of legal process as well as ultimately preventing a workable resolution

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At Loughmiller Higgins, we believe that thorough preparation and committed advocacy are the keys to achieving good results. But to be truly committed, you have to be honest and up front with people from the very start. This means talking to clients the realities of divorce, division of community property, and parental and children rights…and of the various outcomes different approaches are likely to provide.

In most cases, especially where children are involved, we emphasize the benefits of settling matters without resorting to litigation. However, we are more than ready and willing to go to trial when other methods of resolving difference are not successful.

Practice areas related to divorce and the dissolution of marriage include:

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