Divorce Contempt 

Do you believe that your spouse or another relevant party has violated a court order or decree regarding a family law or divorce matter? Have you been accused of a violation and want to defend yourself against being found to be in contempt? Do you want to know what your rights and options are? Do you have questions about contempt and the associated penalties?

If you require in-depth answers for any of these types of questions, the attorneys at Loughmiller Higgins, P.C., are here to help you understand Texas law as it pertains to contempt. We know these are stressful, time-sensitive matters, so we quickly take action to protect your rights and interests in the family court system.

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The two most common forms of contempt are the violation of a court order or decree, and a form of misconduct that occurs in the courtroom in front of the judge. Although contempt is a civil remedy, it does have criminal consequences that can result in the violator being fined or put in jail. The punishment for contempt varies and the judge can assess fines up to $500.00 and/or confinement in the county jail for up to six months.

Our Texas divorce lawyers help people pursue or defend allegations of contempt stemming from violations of:

In certain situations, we can also help bring enforcement action for other types of violations, depending on the facts and circumstances of your situation. People seek us out when contempt is an issue because of our experience prosecuting and defending people in this arena. We also know that the appellate courts carefully scrutinize lower courts that send people to jail for contempt and how important it is to strictly follow procedure and have proper grounds to pursue or attempt to block a contempt finding.

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Divorce contempt proceedings are considered serious in nature and should never be taken lightly by anyone. Call our Texas law office directly today to schedule a consultation or e-mail us with a brief description of your situation and concerns. Our lawyers accept all major credit cards and offer flexible appointment scheduling for your convenience.