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The most precious asset in any divorce case are the children. Unfortunately children are often caught in the middle of the battle between divorcing parents. Children become the “prize” or the “pawn” in the tactical fight of divorce. The damage caused by custody litigation can have a long term affect on relationships between the parents or a parent and their child. The negative effect of combative parents often times will continue to be felt into the adulthood of the child.

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At Loughmiller Higgins, we provide compassionate support and strong legal representation to people in the North Dallas area and throughout the DFW Metroplex who are dealing with divorce and child custody issues. If you are currently in this situation, or are thinking about divorce, we know you have questions. We fully explain the legal process and the options that are open to you so that you can make the important decisions that need to be made concerning your children.

The Texas Family Code establishes minimum standards for Texas Courts that are presumed to be in the best interest of children. Texas law presumes that parents should be joint managing conservators. Joint Managing Conservatorship does not necessarily mean that each parent will get an equal amount of time with their children — it means only that each parent may have an equal say on major decisions regarding the children’s welfare such as medical or educational decisions.

The Texas Family Code also establishes a visitation schedule that is presumed to be in the best interest of the child. This schedule is often referred to as a “Standard Possession Schedule” and includes possession on the first, third and fifth weekend of a month, alternate holiday possession and a summer possession schedule. The “Standard Possession Schedule” however is a schedule that will be followed when all other agreements fail.

Parents can be creative when establishing appropriate possession schedules for their children. Our attorneys stress the need for parents to shift their focus from their personal conflict to the more important issue-their children. We emphasize the benefit of co-parenting and the need to consider not only each parent’s current schedule but also their anticipated schedule changes post divorce due to changes in work schedules or multiple household issues. By honestly evaluating each parent’s ability to meet the daily demands of their children, often times a possession schedule can be crafted to meet those demands.

The important thing to remember in all of this even if you are seeking primary custody or a particular visitation schedule — resolving your personal differences and reaching an agreement with your spouse outside of court is the single biggest gift you can give to your children. In addition, resolving child custody issues through negotiation allows you to be much more creative in developing plans that fit with the lives of each parent. This can be especially important if parents live in different states or have unusual life or employment circumstances

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