Firm Philosophy


The hallmark of our firm. Determination and effort will not lead to success if not grounded in principles of honesty, ethics, and strength of character.


Legal problems often occur during times of incredible emotional stress. Our attorneys understand this, and strive to minimize that stress by providing compassionate support for our clients, listening carefully and communicating regularly. We fully explain the legal process and options open to you so you can make the important decisions necessary. We explain what is likely to happen or not happen, so you will have realistic expectations. Knowing what to expect can greatly diminish the anxiety involved in legal proceedings. Realistic expectations can help you get a faster, more satisfactory resolution.


We believe in thorough preparation and zealous advocacy. From the first temporary hearing through the finalization of the case, parties may find themselves in court numerous times. Our philosophy is the first hearing is as important as the last. More importantly, we believe advocacy begins and sometimes ends without entering a courtroom. Advocacy begins with preparation. We start with the proposition that we will not foster untenable, unrealistic goals for our clients. From that premise we advocate from a position of strength, not a position of compromise.

Community Involvement

We believe an integral part of our profession is service to our community. In addition to advocating for our clients, our attorneys also participate in activities to build a stronger, better community for our families and businesses.

For example, Attorney Brian Loughmiller is currently serving as a Mayor on the McKinney City Council and served as Mayor Pro Tem for three years. Mr. Loughmiller served as President of the Collin County Bar Association and as chairman of the Collin County Family Law Section. Other positions held in the Bar Association include Director of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for the Collin County Bar Association, and a Trustee of the Collin County Bench\Bar Foundation. In addition to bar association related activities, Mr. Loughmiller has served on the Initial Board of Directors of Citizenship McKinney, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training, and as chairman of the Parents Day Out Board of Stonebridge United Methodist Church in McKinney. He is also a member of Sunrise Rotary Club. Eric Higgins has served on the Board of Directors of City House, an organization that assists families in crisis. Mr. Higgins has also been appointed numerous times by Courts in Collin County to represent children in Child Protective Service related cases. Attorney Michella Melton is a member of the McKinney Lions Club and actively participates in community activities.

Quality Representation

We believe that quality legal services, provided with integrity and grounded in compassion, are assured by zealous advocacy. We realize, also, these claims are only words if not supported by a demonstrated commitment of involvement to our community and to our clients.