Divorce can be customized to suit a couple’s needs

On behalf of Loughmiller Higgins, Attorneys at Law posted in Divorce on Friday, February 22, 2013.

When divorce is on the horizon, many Texas spouses feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions that must be made and matters that must be handled. Making matters worse, our society is rife with media-driven examples of acrimonious and dramatic divorce. This leads many to fear that the process will be lengthy, expensive and emotionally draining.

It is important to go into the divorce process with an understanding that there are a wide range of options available to couples who are dissolving their union. At one end of the scale lies a collaborative divorce, in which both parties work together to divide assets and disentangle their lives in a way that preserves as much wealth as possible for both sides, and is not emotionally damaging. This is an especially good choice for couple who share children.

Another option involves using mediation to resolve issues surrounding the divorce settlement. Mediation can be conducted face-to-face or with the parties in separate locations. Parties can hire their own attorneys, and can also work with a financial advisor to guide the process. This is a good option when there is some tension between the parties, but both want to lessen the financial impact of the split and avoid battling it out in court.

For some Texas couples, a litigated divorce is the only option. This may be the case in a highly contentious divorce, or when one party is determined to use the divorce process to punish the other for perceived transgressions that took place during the course of the marriage. This option can be far more expensive and lengthy than other paths, but can bring about a positive solution for spouses who feel that their interest would not be adequately protected using another approach.

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