Divorce alternative not likely to gain much momentum

On behalf of Loughmiller Higgins, Attorneys at Law posted in Divorce on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

Texas spouses who are considering divorce may have a previously unconsidered alternative that promises to save them stress, money and turmoil. This approach is referred to as a ‘consorce,’ which is a word derived from the Latin word for cohabitation. The man behind this concept asserts that couples can avoid the unpleasant aspects of a divorce by simply adjusting their expectations of what their marriage should provide.

Chief among these needs are sex and loving companionship, which the author seems to consider non-essential items within a marriage. Spouses are urged to look at the union as a practical arrangement, one that could allow them to continue living under one roof, thereby keeping expenses low. The alleged benefits to children are also touted, such as the fact that there would be no disruption to their existing routine and continued access to both parents.

In a ‘consorce’ relationship, spouses would simply view their marriage as a parenting partnership with roommate benefits. The author points out that this arrangement could continue until one spouse is ready to remarry. What is lacking in this approach, however, seems to be any understanding of interpersonal relationships. For example, how are the children to form a healthy concept of marriage and family if their parents present an example that puts utility and financial gain over a true partnership between loving adults?

It is true that divorce can be a challenging time, and that many Texas spouses will have to adjust their budgeting following the split, and will have to acclimate to a new form of parenting. Artificially prolonging a partnership to avoid these issues, however, does not seem to be a healthy approach. As for the ability to end the relationship once one spouse is ready to remarry: good luck finding your next husband or wife while you are still grocery shopping with the current one.

Source: Fox News, “Don’t get a divorce, get a ‘consorce’,” Dr. Keith Ablow, Dec. 11, 2012

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